The number one thing to remember when caring for your prefolds is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that you should need and no crazy tricks.

No special ‘nappy’ detergent needed. Mainstream laundry detergent can be used.

Washing Instructions

  1. Cold rinse
  2. Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
  3. Cool rinse
  4. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in indirect sunlight.

Prepping  instructions:

  1. Wash several times (4 or more) times before use. This is necessary to wash off the natural cotton oils before the nappy can reach full absorbency.
  2. Mainstream laundry detergent can be used to wash – Keep it simple!
  3. Avoid Fabric softeners and strongly fragranced laundry detergent.

Suggestion Amount

Part-time Use- 12-24 Prefolds

Full-time Use- 24-36 Prefolds